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Happy Halloween from 4th class

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Halloween Bunting

We got really creative in room 19 and made Halloween bunting. Some of them are very scary. We really enjoyed making the bunting.

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October Parent’s Activities in Early Start!

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October Parent’s Activity in Early Start

We had a great day in Early Start doing some Maths activities, making chocolate apples and singing Halloween songs!

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6th Class Feasts and Festivals Projects

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Here in Miss. Tempany’s 6th Class we were very busy working on our Feasts and Festivals projects. We were working in groups on different world festivals. The projects were on Independence Day which is celebrated in America, Bastille Day which is famous in France, Dia de Los Muertos-also meaning ‘Day of the Dead’ which is celebrated in Mexico , The dragon Boat Festival associated with China and the Japanese Doll Festival that takes place in Japan.

It was a really enjoyable activity and we all learnt lots of new exciting and interesting facts. After two weeks of hard work, researching and decorating we got to present our projects to the rest of the class. The projects were marked on different categories including: visual presentation, grammar/punctuation and teamwork. The scores were very close with Japanese Doll Festival winning by just one point, Well Done Girls!!

100 Word Challenge

This week’s prompt was a picture:

By Katie Mooney

One day I was in my nanny’s with my little brother Adam. He loves spiders. I am terrified of them. So we went out the back to play some football. I kicked the ball into my nanny’s big bush. I persuaded my brother into getting the ball. He put his arm into the bush to get it. When he took his arm out there was a big, huge, hideous spider. I ran as fast as I ever did in my life. It looked like all black, big, long legs. I think it was from Australia. Then the spider just disappeared.

Halloween Crafts for Parents

On Wednesday 19th October a number of parents and one grandmother participated in a Halloween-themed art and crafts class. Under the expert eye of Anna Keane, the participants created beautiful Halloween centre-pieces. Well done to everyone who joined in the festive fun!



100 Word Challenge

Prompt: ….the material felt like…

By Emma Kelly

Ella loved fashion. She had a beautiful dress, the material felt like silk. It was pink and had diamonds so sparkly they could kill someone. One day Ella went to her wardrobe to get the dress but it was gone! Ella was distraught! Ella searched high and low but the dress was nowhere to be found. A few days passed and Ella couldn’t get the dress out of her thoughts. Suddenly she remembered that she had the dress on when she last stayed with her friend Katie. She called to Katie and got her dress back. Ella was overjoyed.

100 Word Challenge

Prompt: …the material felt like…

By Abby Molly Meares

It was the day before Poppy’s birthday and her mom was out shopping for a present. All of a sudden in TK Maxx a big, fur coat was just waiting to be bought. Of course, she had to buy it because the material felt like silk so she took it off it’s hanger and went straight to the till and purchased it. Then when she got home she hid it for Poppy. Poppy woke up bright and early the next morning but her mom was waiting downstairs waiting to present Poppy’s present. As soon as Poppy saw it – “Yay!!”.

100 Word Challenge

Prompt: …the material felt like….

By Britney Collins

Once upon a time there lived a delicate boy named Jeff. One day Jeff bought silky material pyjamas. He went to bed at 10.00pm. He lay down in his bed. Jeff floated up in the air. He was frazzled. He felt like a bird up in the air. The next day Jeff told his mother about the magical pyjamas. His mother replied that there is no such thing as magic. Jeff’s mother puts her hand on Jeff’s smooth face. Jeff thought that he was a wizard. So he had the one secret that no one would ever ever know.