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Happy Retirement!

Recently Mrs. Janet Gore and Mrs. Mary Fleming retired from their posts in St.Louise’s school. Both ladies had worked diligently as cleaners in our school over a long number of years. During their time in St. Louise’s they made many friends and they will be greatly missed. The staff and students of the school thank them for their contribution to the school and wish them well in their retirement.

Credit Union Table Quiz

Well done to the girls from fifth and sixth class who participated in the recent Ballyfermot Credit Union Quiz held in Kylemore College. Congratulations to Megan, Tiffany, Kelsey and Shianne, who claimed third place. They won an individual prize and a prize for the school.

Valentine’s Day in Early Start

Schools Now and Then


100 Word Challenge

The prompt this week was a picture:


Here is Kelsey’s 100 Word Challenge:

Dear Diary,

I was out with my friends and I surprised them with a boat party in the woods. They were so excited for it and so was I. We went home and got ready and invited everyone. Everyone met up at the woods and the forest was decorated with lights. Everyone showed up and it ended up to be the best party ever. The next day we all work up in boats and talked about everything from last night.

Bye Diary.

Senior Infants – Brent Geese

Senior Infants have been learning about the Brent Geese.

We heard that they were in the Gaels, so we put on our coats and went to see if we could find them. 

We were very excited to see them. They travel all the way from Canada and eat grass and eel grass. 

Senior Infants – Jackson Pollock

This week we were looking at the work of Jackson Pollock

We looked at examples of his work on the whiteboard.

We put on our painting shirts. We knew this would be messy work!

We covered marbles in paint….

…and rolled them onto the page.

We also used old toothbrushes to spray the paint onto the page.

We showed our drawings to the class.

Finally, we wrote about what we did.

The pictures are on display outside Room 10. Come and have a look!


World War 2 in 6th Class

For the past month, we have been learning about World War 2. We did lots of different activities in order to learn about the different events between the years 1939-1945  . We did group projects on different milestones that led to the Blitz, we completed acrostic poems, we learnt about the events of D-Day, the Holocaust and Adolf Hitler. My favourite thing we did about WW11 was the art work centered around the Blitz. We used pastels to create the sunrise effect and black paper to create the buildings and airplanes. They turned out really good and you can go see them outside Room 21.

By: Abbie GF, Room 21, 6th Class

3D Shapes in Sixth Class

Here in 6th Class, Room 21 we are learning about 3D Shapes. We learnt about their physical properties, about their relevant 2D shape and about 3D shapes in the world around us. We learnt about the following shapes:cube, cuboid, cylinder,sphere,cone, triangular prism, square based pyramid and triangular based pyramid, tetrahedron, octahedron and pentagonal prism. We also made our own 3D shapes using both the net of the shape and with cocktail sticks and marshmallows. We had so much fun! Check out our display wall where we show all our learning.

By: Erin Farrell and Abbie Gibbons Forte


Senior Infants – Procedural Writing

Senior Infants have been working on procedural writing.

We made some rice krispie buns in Room 10.

We melted the chocolate and mixed them with rice krispies.  Then we added marshmallows. We shared them out and let them cool down.

We wrote out the six steps we used to make the buns. They were delicious!!