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Early Start Making Handprints

The boys and girls in Early Start painted their hands with their favourite colour and printed them onto paper.

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Fencing – By Amber Kelly

It was Monday the 13th of June and it was the first day of Active Week.We went to the hall at 10 o’clock and there was a fencing coach named Doug waiting for us.We stood in a straight line facing the wall and he showed us the movements we do with the sword in our hands.As I’m left handed I had to turn my body in the opposite direction to everyone else.We played games with partners and we learned how to block and we practiced this with each other.It was great fun and I would love to try it again.

Active Week

Active week was held in our school from Monday 13th June until Friday 17th June and everyone really enjoyed themselves.All classes participated  in many various activities e.g. skipping,soccer,gaelic football ,basketball,rowing,swimming ,gymnastics ,dancing and fencing.Fencing took place for 5th and 6th classes and they really enjoyed it .On the Thursday morning our whole school gathered on the grass and we raised our new Active Flag which was awarded to the school this year .This is something the school and community should be proud of and the flag flying high each day will remind us how important it is to be active for physical development as well as being important for our mental health.

Well done everyone for your participation during the week and remember to always be active.Here are some photos from the week.

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GAA Football Final

A big well done to all the 4th and 5th class girls who took part in this year’s St. Louise’s Gaelic Football League. After 3 weeks of matches, Team 1, captained by Aoibheann Stokes and Ellie Colliton, played Team 3, captained by Peaches Clooney and Kim Harte in a thrilling final. At the final whistle, Aoibheann and Ellie lifted the cup on behalf of their team. Congratulations!

Team 1- Aoibheann, Ellie, Emma, Nevaeh, Caitlin and Katie.

image1 (1)

Team 3- Emily, Shannon, Peaches, Julie-Anne, Ella and Kyah.


3rd Class Trips

In 3rd class we have travelled into the city centre for the past few weeks for our music workshops. On the last day we were brought on a tour of Christ Church Cathedral. We got to see Strongbow’s tomb and we even went down to the crypt.

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Last Wednesday we went to National Museum of Ireland in Merrion Square and we had a tour of the Egypt exhibition. It was great fun and we learnt so much more about the Egyptians!  We were able to see lots of ancient Egyptian artefacts and we made our own scarab beetles to take home. The ancient Egyptians believed that this beetles would protect them in the afterlife.

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Early Start School Tour to Imaginosity

The Early Start children had a great day on their school tour to Imaginosity!

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Knitting Club

The children really enjoyed taking part in the knitting club! We had a pizza party on the last day of our knitting club!


We made pom poms!

DSCN4834 DSCN4833 DSCN4832 DSCN4831

We knitted hairbands too!

DSCN4830 DSCN4829  DSCN4827

I made a bow for my hairband!

DSCN4826   DSCN4823 DSCN4822

DSCN4838 DSCN4825

I knitted a tiny hat in plain and purl stitch and I added a pom pom!

Poet Teri Murray writes about Saint Louise’s

Teri Murray, a past pupil of our school, is a poet and now lives in Limerick City. She fondly remembers the years she spent attending school in St. Louise’s Primary School until she was 8 years old and moved to Crumlin. She recently published her fifth anthology of poetry entitled Under A Linnet’s Wing. Below is her poem Saint Louise’s, Ballyfermot, which captures her memories from her days in school.


Saint Louise’s, Ballyfermot

Even now, the smell of newly hewn wood

And Mansion House Wax Polish

Brings me back to little school.

Sunlight pouring through the glass panels

In the doors, pools of green, indigo and orange

Shimmering on the floors.

The nuns quietly pacing the corridors,

The Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul,

With headdresses of purest white

As the wings of butterflies already in flight.

For weeks we had been preparing,

Then one day in June, when the bees were dozing

Among the roses, Sister Marie came

All the way from Paris, tall and slender,

As if a rare orchid had been transplanted

Into Ballyfermot soil.

Enthralled, as her long Gallic fingers plucked words

From the air, held our breaths as she told us,

In faltering English, of the foundress of the order,

Saint Louise de Marillac and the mother house

On Rue du Bac.

The only houses most of us knew, were given

To us by Dublin Corporation, yet in my mind’s eye,

I saw a huge one, shaped like a woman

With an apron flapping from her waist,

Overlooking the River Seine

quicksilver, pulsing through Lutetia,

Flanked by parks, galleries and mansions for the rich,

Bricks melting like bronze in the evening sun.

One of the older girls played the notes

On a tin whistle, as we from Miss Mac Fadden’s

First Class climbed onto a small stage,

I looked down at the hornpipe shoes

That my Mother had trudged around Meath Street for,

Then, the line of Black Patent leather clad feet

Took our first steps.

The wooden floor resounded to the rhythm,

Silver Buckles chuckled,

Our bodies took on a kind of ancient beat

That brought us back to the Race of Parthalon

Milesians and Celts, to the origins

Of the music of our people.

We danced until our hearts were ready to burst

With pride, the head-nun’s voice resounding

You are every bit as good as the girls

From Saint Louis’, Rathmines“,

And for that moment we believed that we were.

Sometimes on summer evenings at dusk,

I glimpse a flapping of wings

And my eyes follow the path…..

I think of the nuns, headdresses of purest white,

As alive in my memory now as butterflies in flight.

Senior Infants Trip to the Library

Senior Infants (Rooms 10, 11 & 12) went on a class trip to Ballyfermot Library.

20160517_103927 (1)  There were so many books to choose from!


20160517_103907 20160517_104014 We found a quiet space to read our books.


20160517_103916         20160517_104000

We can’t wait to come back again. Make sure you join the library too!



Junior Infants 2016 / Early Start 2016

If you wish your child to start school in September, please call to the school office as soon as possible for an application form to enroll him / her. The morning group of Early Start is now full but there are a few places available for the afternoon session. Information meetings will take place for prospective parents in  June.