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Scary Story Readings

We spent the month of October planning and writing scary stories for Halloween. Our deadline was dress-up day when we invited sisters, brothers, cousins and friends to hear them.





Fifth Class School Tour 2017

This year we went to Trinity Sports Centre for our School Tour. We had fantastic fun jumping on the huge trampolines, learning the skills of fencing and climbing the massive climbing wall.

Room 27 Digital Animation Project 2017

Philip from The Base helped us to create our very own movie using clay characters and ┬áiPads. We worked in groups to create the characters and the backdrops for each scene. We had to write a script after we decided what would happen in each scene, Our movie is about ‘Bobby the Brent Goose’. We wanted to share the story of the light bellied brent goose with everyone. Here are some photos of our groups working hard on the movie.

5th Class Room 27 Bog Workshop 2017

We learned about Irish bogs and peat lands with Nuala from the Heritage in Schools Scheme. We had lots of fun identifying bogland plants using our own bog plant dial and freshwater mini beasts from pictures. Those who were brave enough also had the opportunity to hold a newt!

Mad Hair Day in Early Start

Mad Hair Day in St. Louise’s!

On Friday 26th May the Parents’ Association organised a Mad Hair Day fundraiser. Thanks to the members of the Parents’ Association for organising this fun event. The children were very creative. Check out some of their amazing hairstyles!





































Drumming Stars!

Congratulations and well done to Abby Molly Mears and Ellie Colliton, 6th class who took part in The Passion Project in Ballyfermot at Easter time. The Passion Project told a modern day version of The Passion of Christ based on the theme of homelessness. The girls learned how to drum over a number of weeks and took part in a special performance in Cherry Orchard at Easter. The girls showed dedication and and flair as they banged their drums to accompany the procession. They even featured on RTE 2’s News2day.
















The Storytime Project

Well done to the boys and girls of Early Start and to their parents who took part in The Storytime Project during March and April. The children read five books over a five week period. They attended a special celebration in Ballyfermot Library on Thursday 27th April and received a special certificate. Thanks to Declan Markey from Ballyfermot / Chapelizod Partnership and Mark Mullen French from Dublin City Libraries, who organised the project and presented the certificates.


In 3rd class we have been learning all about China. We have heard about the explorer Marco Polo who sailed to China from Italy in 1271 and stayed there for 17 years. We have read information about the panda and how it eats bamboo as its main diet. We have made Chinese lanterns and even models of The Great Wall of China.

Easter in Early Start